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M-970 17-inch HD LCD monitor
M-970 17-inch HD LCD monitor
Model: M-970 
1. imported from Japan, 17 inches 4:3 standard-definition LCD screen. 
2. HD LCD display screen can be freely adjusted the contrast, brightness and color; 
3. multimedia playback feature allows the display superior performance, direct access to MP3, U disk and other USB electronic devices that can play movies, music and pictures in JPG format. 
4. Support: Video, USB, VGA, HDMI input 
5. Support: Chinese, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic and other languages 
6. Resolution: 1280*1024 
7. Receiving System:. PAL D / K B / G 
8. Supply Voltage: AC 100V-220V 50/60Hz DC 12V 4A/5A


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