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M-189 WI-FI Skin Analyzer
M-189 WI-FI Skin Analyzer

Model: M-189

1.  High resolution analyzer

2.  With 200 times lens (For scalp ) or 50 times lens (For skin ), sensitive scalp and skin also can be inspected.

3.  With high resolution, high performance High sensitivity and high quality.

4.  The five control buttons: freeze/save, previous image, next image, one/four/nine images switches and delete image, single button control function, more convenient to use

5.  1, 4.9 full or quad or nine images display, two kinds of capture angles, display the clear images.

6.  With SD card slot, optional large-capacity SD card, up to 5000 images can be saved.

7.   Built-in lithium battery, wireless operation makes it more convenient to use.

8.   Built-in WI-FI device can transmit the analyzer’s images to mobile phone, Tablet PC and Windows computer at the same time and images can be saved automatically.

9.   Comes with analyzer’s holder, more convenient to use.

10.  Optional M-70 receiver, WI-FI device can transmit the analyzer’s images to general monitor or TV without any interference.



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