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CF-687+M-888 intraoral camera
CF-687+M-888 intraoral camera
1. 1/4 SONY CCD High Resolution Intraoral Camera
2. High resolution, high performance and autofocus.
3. Built-in 6 white LED high brightness and long life
4. Front five control buttons: frozen, stored, the previous image, the next picture, delete and back control buttons: Freezing and storage
5, innovative design, it can display images, four small images, and nine small images one by one, two shooting angle, clear display of images
6. Optional 2.5-inch LCD screen, camera and more convenient to let the dentist
7. It can save 9999 pictures of USB flash drive.
8.WIFI, video, USB2.0 interface and VGA output function.
9. It can be based on the remote memory U disk, size, image and video recorded video can be saved to a USB flash drive permanent.
10. For the NTSC / PAL
11. Optional Wi-Fi device can transmit video camera phones, tablets and computers.


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